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A digital photo booth that takes great photos and videos with AI effects

Are you looking for a photo booth at your event, but want something unusual and interesting? Try our AI photo booth!

Digital photo booth - How to entertain the guests at your event?

Thinking about about how to ensure entertainment and at your wedding, company event or birthday? A digital AI photo booth could be the right choice for you. This modern photo booth brings many advantages including instant download and sharing of photos on social networks, professional lighting and much more. Let's take a look together at some of the best reasons to hire a digital photo booth for your event.

The digital photo booth is simple and self-service

The digital photo booth is designed to be simple and easy to use for every guest of your event. Thanks to its self-service feature, guests can easily take a photo or video by themselves without the need for an attendant. You can rent it for three hours or for the whole day, it's up to you. Renting our digital photo booth separately costs 1 490 per hour and 2 490 CZK with printing. But if you rent it together with the sophisticated GALA360 platform, our unique video booth, you will get a discounted price. The photo booth can be placed almost anywhere thanks to its compact size and it offers a great opportunity for interaction between guests.

Come and give our new product a try - a digital photo booth that will entertain you

Try out exclusive features of our software

A variety of filters enhance the final look, all the while bringing out some laughs. And green screen
as well as animated overlays create a buzz, capturing the imagination of all.
digitální fotokoutek


vanocni fotokoutek


co připravit na oslavu


fotobudka digitální rekvizity


Instant download and share on social media








Quick and proffesional printing

Okamžitý tisk.png


LCD screen for Brand promotion

The digital photo booth is also equipped with an LCD display that can be used to promote your brand with your logo or company name on the screen in the form of a presentation or animation. This is a great way to promote and entertain guests at the same time.

Digitální samoobslužný fotokoutek


From taking the perfect photos and videos to snapping amazing burst and boomerang GIFs,
the sky is the limit with what you can do with Gala Foto.
video s AI efekty


samoobslužný fotokoutek


fotokoutek svatba


fotobudka praha


Samoobslužný fotokoutek

Instant download and share on social media

The price for renting a digital photo booth is very reasonable, especially given the options and effects the booth offers. If you rent both a photo corner and a video corner at the same time, we even offer the aforementioned special price. Transport within Prague is free, outside Prague a fee of 6 CZK/km is charged.

The digital self-service photo booth is therefore a great choice for various types of events and events, whether it is a wedding, corporate event, prom, birthday or festival. It offers simple operation, many options for effects and helps to create fun and original photos and videos. With us, you don't have to worry about assembling, preparing, putting into operation or putting together the photo booth - we'll do it all for you. Just book the desired time and place and leave the rest to us. At the request of the client, the photos can of course also be printed on the spot and given as a gift to the guests of the event.

Try our digital AI photo booth

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