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Graduation video booth from the 21st century!

Do you want to make your prom an event that no one will forget? Book our 360° graduation video booth, which will enchant everyone involved.

Graduation video booth that is finally not boring!

If you are organizing a prom, you definitely want to prepare an evening for you and your guests that they will remember for a long time. Our 360° video booth GALA360 is perfect for this. It can create videos that, when you look back, will remind you of the great atmosphere of your prom. No bored photographer standing in front of a canvas to sell you a blurry photo you've seen many times before. Graduation video booths from GALA360 are ready to provide modern entertainment and high-quality videos. So don't hesitate and book one for your prom or graduation ball so you don't miss out!

Fotokoutek na maturák | Gala360

How does the GALA360 video booth actually work?

Our graduation video booth is a unique facility that we offer as the only one on the market in the Czech Republic. It is a modern platform that can record from all surrounding angles. You or your guests stand on the raised platform, get ready and leave the rest to our high-quality camera. You can dance, have fun or strike an interesting pose, there are no limits to your imagination. Meanwhile, a camera will surround you, which will take a unique recording from all angles, therefore 360°. You then get a short video instead of an ordinary photo, which has an original and fun impression. It couldn't be simpler. Believe that GALA360 will surprise all your guests.

Videos ready for social networks!

The funny videos that GALA360 creates are tailor-made for sharing on social networks. You can put a short and funny video on your Instagram story, or as a post on TikTok. The video is ready on your device before you jump off the recording platform. Show everyone on the social media how unique your graduation or ribbon prom was, and the hearts will come flooding in.

Nápady na maturák

Enjoy the ball, leave the rest to us!

We will bring everything you need with us and set it up, we will not delay you even for a moment on such an important evening. As soon as we agree on when and where your prom will be held, we will arrive at the place at least an hour before.  We will only need a place with a solid surface, i.e. any floor, electricity connection and well-informed guests . If interested, we can also agree on the preparation of an interesting and thematic background, it depends only on you.

Do you want to try our unique video booth at your graduation?

fotokoutek na maturák.JPG

Video booth for everyone!

Thanks to the very design of the GALA360 platform, our prom video booth is suitable for everyone. Whether you want to immortalize yourself with a bunch of best friends or get a memorable video with your parents. Up to 3 adults can comfortably fit on the platform at one time, or even a few more. You don't have to worry about anything, we will be available to you at the video booth all the time. We'll show you how everything works, try out some funny dances together, and before you know it, the video will be ready on your phone. The platform of the GALA360 video booth offers enough space for you to relax and dance however you like. There will also be no cables or a photographer in the way, it's just that simple. 

We will come, no matter where you are holding the ball!

Our scope is limited only by the borders of our republic. Whether you are holding your ball in Aš or Ostrava, we will come to you on time and in a good mood. Our video booths are suitable for all types of balls. It will shine at the graduation, but also at the ribbon-cutting ball as the highlight of the evening's entertainment. We always try to place video booths together with you in interesting places. Various illuminated walls are suitable, for example, in front of the dance floor or on a balcony with a view of the surroundings. Do you want to wear a crown or balloons? This will only enrich the experience of shooting in our video booth. You can prepare any signs, costumes or funny masks with your classmates, everything is allowed. Send us your phone number via the contact form on the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Book GALA360 for your prom date

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