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Entertainment for a company party only with the GALA360 video booth

Everyone will have fun with GALA360. Book our 360° video booth, which your colleagues will talk about for a long time.

Company parties are an event that each of your colleagues and superiors look forward to. After all, everything cannot always revolve around duties, and even the biggest workaholic should relax once in a while. Wondering which place to choose for this unique evening? For example, there is a hotel hall with the possibility of sleeping over or a private cabin in the middle of the forest. Whatever you choose, a proper company party cannot be complete without original entertainment. Everyone has seen the magicians and bartender show. But what none of your colleagues have ever seen is our unique GALA360 video booth. This is a unique device that we offer as the only one on the domestic market. Try our video booth and believe that all your colleagues will be talking about it until Christmas.

Zábava na firemní večírek | Gala360

What is the magic of the GALA360 video booth? 

The reason why all our previous clients praised the GALA360 video booth is simple. They have never experienced anything like it before and the resulting videos are simply fantastic. The principle of the video booth consists of a round raised platform on which you and your colleagues will stand, everything will take place there. You can take an interesting position, dance or just sway to the rhythm of the music. Meanwhile, a camera surrounds you, which takes care of a unique 360° shot. Thanks to the high-quality camera, the resulting video will be super sharp and high-quality. Before you jump off with excitement and anticipation, the video will be ready on your phone. It's really simple, so let's try it together! 

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Vivid memories in seconds

The speed at which video booth can transfer the resulting video to your phone is truly astounding. It doesn't take more than a few seconds after the recording is finished. You don't have to wait for any photos to be printed, and the videos are available to you immediately. Everything takes place online, for example via a QR code. The GALA360 video booth platform is ready for all types of devices and operating systems, so you don't have to worry that the video won't run on your phone. 


Once you've had fun with the video you and your colleagues made a few minutes ago, you can start sharing. Videos can be placed on IG story or any other social media. Show how you can celebrate in your company! Such unique videos will certainly not lack success and you can expect dozens of likes and hearts. In short, great fun for a company party.

Entertainment for a company party anywhere and anytime

Wherever you are holding your company party, our team will be happy to come to you, no journey is too long for them. We can also very easily adapt to the place where the event will take place. The GALA360 video booth can be placed almost anywhere where there is a solid floor. Do you want to be filmed in the middle of the dance floor, in a party tent or on a hotel terrace with a view of the mountains? It's really up to you and we'll always try to accommodate. 

gala360 fotokoutek.jpg

We will take care of everything, you can enjoy the evening

We will bring everything you need with us and will not delay you for a moment on such an important evening. We will arrive at the location about an hour before, because the preparation of the GALA360 video booth will not take much time. As soon as you give the command, we'll fire everything up and let the fun begin.

Don't worry, we'll be with you the whole time at your party. Our smiling assistant will explain everything clearly to you and your colleagues, you will try a few dances together and start recording. Anyone can really do it and there is nothing to worry about. The GALA360 video booth can create such a great atmosphere that absolutely everyone will want to try it.

Fun for everyone

Thanks to its solid construction, the GALA360 video booth is suitable for everyone. Petite colleagues from the office and muscular guys from the warehouse can have fun on it. At one point, three adults can comfortably climb on it, and thanks to the 360 degree view, everyone can finally be seen! If you are interested, you can prepare your own fun props for the filming, which will bring the final video to perfection. A funny mask, a bunch of glittering balloons or a themed costume. There are no limits to imagination. 


We place the video booth in interesting places and we always recommend preparing something for the background. An illuminated wall of lights, large photos or a neon logo of your company will add shine to the video. Send us your phone number in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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