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Fun at your party with the GALA360 video booth

Everyone will have fun with GALA360. Book our 360° video booth now and excite all your guests with unique entertainment.

Party - a word that evokes many positive emotions and euphoria in us. We all look forward to it and it is usually a bright spot at the end of the work week. We determine the date and venue, send out invitations to friends and cheers to the preparations. But how to diversify a fairly monotonous program that is almost always repeated? Good drinks, food, music, but what about putting something special on the program? Our unique GALA360 video booths can easily handle that!


As with any similar event, we want to take away as many experiences and memories as possible from a garden party. A cake or a box with leftovers from a party will last until the next afternoon at most, but the video will last forever, especially if it is from our  great video booth GALA360! It can brighten up your guests anytime and anywhere, who will be immortalized together in a funny video from your unique party. 

Tipy na párty | Gala360

We will deliver our video booth to your party anywhere in the Czech Republic

Not only a home garden party to celebrate a birthday or wedding anniversary is a reason to record this unique moment. It is not a problem to reach you anywhere, be it the mountains or the water, a rented cottage or a popular wellness hotel, the garden of your house or a sports field or a steamboat. 

Nothing is impossible for us and we will try to fulfill all your ideas if you provide us with a solid mat for our video booth. 


Not everyone prefers a photographer who walks around the party trying to capture unique moments. This often results in blurry videos and photos where half of the participants have their backs turned to the photographer. And not everyone can properly relax when there is an annoying photographer behind the camera who makes you nervous. 


This cannot happen with our GALA360 video booth, as the high-resolution camera captures this moment from all angles in full quality. And then you can just enjoy the amazing video that will be transferred to your phone in no time. 

Try a video booth that will surprise all guests!

A unique souvenir from your party in our hands

There is nothing easier than to spice up your party with our GALA360 video booth. All we need is the date and place of your party and a solid mat where we will place our video booth. And then it's up to you how you can make an unforgettable pose in our video booth. Funny costumes, masks, inscriptions and dances will be forever preserved as a memory. No photos where half the guests are missing, but amazing videos that you can instantly share on social media and show everyone who didn't attend what they've been missing out on.  

aktivity na párty

Funny video booth videos from your party on your phone in seconds

How many times have you imagined how to please the guests at your party with something unusual. What's special to offer for good food and drink? The GALA360 video booth will take the fun at your party to a higher level. You just step onto the prepared platform and let yourself be surrounded by a powerful camera that captures the funny situation. 

No complicated video downloads, no long waiting to get the recording on your phone! In no time, this video will be transferred to your phone, whatever you have. Our video booth supports all files and types of mobile phones. And thanks to the fast transmission, you can show everyone how funny your party is and how much fun you can have. 

party fotokoutek

Get ready for your party with all the glamour

Balloons, signs, light chains, ice cream, great food and great drinks are part of the perfect party. Lots of gifts and a cake with candles are what everyone is waiting for. Organizing funny quiz competitions can add variety to any garden party, and at that moment every participant has their camera or mobile phone ready to capture the magic of the moment. 

And all of this needs to be captured so that the atmosphere of this amazing event can be felt even years later. Photos are great, but how about a fun, funny video where you absolutely dare? In our GALA 360 video booth, you can be immortalized with your friends and relatives, at one point three adults or a lot of small children will climb onto the platform and they can be really mischievous. Why not keep this magic of the moment recorded in an unusual form? Being captured from all angles? 

Anyone who wants to make their party and memory of it unique can try our video booth.

Just fill out the form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!

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