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Funny entertainment for a birthday party

Try a fun 360° video booth at your birthday party. Unique birthday fun for you and your children.

As we all know, we only have a birthday party once a year, or milestone birthday parties even less so. Therefore, it is not advisable to underestimate the preparations for this important day. If you are also wondering what unique entertainment to prepare for the celebration, you have come to the right place. It always depends on who you are throwing the party for. It's hard for your 70-year-old father-in-law to enjoy a celebration in the style of animals or fairy tales. But everyone will enjoy the video booth! 


Preparing a children's party is usually easier. We know our children well, so we can directly target their most popular fairy tales, action figures or animals. In this spirit, we will then include decorations, balloons and costumes. Add to that a cake with a favorite motive and we have a decent foundation ready. But what about a party for adults? For example, games for adults are offered. Such funny entertainment for a birthday party will please everyone. Have you played the telephone game on the move yet? A row of guests standing behind each other pantomime a different activity, such as hanging laundry. You will see for yourself what will come of it in the end.

Vtipná zábava na oslavu narozenin | Gala360

Co mají ale všechny oslavy společného? 

Ať už se jedná o oslavu pro děti nebo prarodiče, vždy si z ní chceme zapamatovat co možná nejvíce. Dort ani květina příliš dlouho nevydrží, ale videa tu budou už navždy. A v tu chvíli přichází na scénu náš 360° fotokoutek, který se postará o zábavu na celý večer. 

Video booth as the highlight of the program

Why did our clients  praise the video booths? First of all, because they have nothing to do with the ordinary photo booth that you know from every prom. You won't be standing in front of a screen with a folded message on a piece of cardboard. Our video booth can create funny and energetic videos like no other. We offer a video booth of this type as the only one on the domestic market. You and your guests will stand on a special raised platform where everything will take place. The birthday party can take a funny pose with friends or just sway to the rhythm of the music. You can hold as many balloons as possible or wear a gifted sweater, it's up to you. The camera on our GALA360 platform will then circle you several times and take a unique recording. Do you want to impress the whole family with the recordings of your celebration? So don't hesitate and book the date of your next celebration, we look forward to seeing you. 

Try a video booth that will surprise all guests!

Vánoční fotokoutek

Memories in seconds

After each celebration, everyone involved looks forward to photos and videos to remind them of the recent fun from the birthday party. There's nothing more fun than watching short videos that take you back to the party. You will relive the funny and ridiculously embarrassing situations captured by our video booth. It's not just an ordinary static photo, but a capture of a fun moment with everything, which you could instantly share with your friends thanks to a flash transfer to your phone. 

Vtipná zábava na oslavu narozenin | Gala360

Our video booth, your entertainment

Do you think that someone will take a picture of you at your birthday party anytime, any place? Yes, but a lot of people are shy in front of the photographer, they don't dare, and in the end, all that remains is a photo with an embarrassed smile. Thanks to our video booth, you will get funny and entertaining videos from the birthday party even from the shyest people who, thanks to the absence of a photographer, can relax in front of the camera. There is nothing easier than stepping onto a prepared platform and letting yourself be captured by a camera that no one is behind while the music is playing.  And in no time, having a video on your phone is not bad at all, because you can share this video with your loved ones just as quickly.

We will come to your home or the best hotel to celebrate your birthday

Have you decided on a birthday party and want to make it special? Why not surprise not only the birthday boy but also other guests with our video booth, which will ensure funny entertainment at every birthday party. We will come to you anywhere in the Czech Republic and place a video booth wherever you need it, you can have the celebration at your home or in a luxury hotel, it is no problem for us. All you need is a solid floor and our helpful staff will help you with everything. Prepare a smile on your face, dance creations or the sweetest kiss and let an unforgettable moment be captured forever by our video booth.  

Are you interested in our GALA360 video booth? Let's agree together

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