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Wedding video booth you've never seen before!

Are you looking for a video booth for your wedding but want something unusual and interesting? Try the 21st century video booth - 360° shot and fun for all wedding guests.

Take your wedding experiences with you in the form of a short video

Naturally, we want to take away as many memories as possible from every wedding. The couple takes away a lifelong bond, while the wedding guests take away an experience that they will often remember for the rest of their lives. If you want to not only make the experience pleasant for you and your guests, but above all to immortalize it, try our GALA360 wedding video booths. We are one of the few on the Czech market to offer this unique device that can create short funny videos instead of ordinary photos. Together we can make your wedding even more fun, so don't wait for anything and book our video booth for your wedding date.

Fotokoutky na svatbu | Gala360

How do our unique wedding video booths work? 

It's easier than you'd expect and really intuitive. This is a modern device that can record a 360° video using a camera and an automatic arm, which the video booth will then send to your phone or computer immediately. First, get ready on the platform that the camera is scanning. After that, the recording will start, and it will start shooting you from all angles. You can dance, laugh, kiss your partner or just take an interesting position, there are no limits to your imagination. The GALA360 device will record you for 5-15 seconds, resulting in a video like no other. You can save the memory or immediately share it on any social media.

Would you like a truly original video booth at your wedding? Let's work it out together

Wedding photo booths that break old stereotypes

You must have experienced it before. A screen standing in the corner, in front of which stands a camera with a tired operator. Dozens of funny signs that everyone knows by heart from the days of graduation. These outdated photo booths for weddings will only print a few, often blurry photos, where each one looks the same as the last one. Not like this! No canvas, no signs. Try a photo booth that can make your wedding guests laugh and entertain you for hours. Exchange photos with us for videos that will bring you back to the atmosphere of your unique wedding. You can then incorporate these videos into your wedding movies and capture the experience forever. Contact us now and together we will prepare an extraordinary experience for your guests.

We will make sure that your wedding goes according to plan

As soon as we agree on the date and place of your wedding, our friendly and energetic staff will arrive to install the photo booth. Don't worry, we'll be with you at the photo booth the whole time. We will explain to you how GALA360 works, try out a few dances together and start filming. Once the video is recorded, we'll show you and your wedding guests how to download the recording the photo booth created. It will be immediately ready for sharing on social networks and saving. The device supports all operating systems and can send videos in seconds. Everything is therefore without waiting and it certainly cannot happen that, for example, you run out of photo paper, as with ordinary cameras.

fotokoutek na svatbu.JPG

Our field of activity is from Aš to Ostrava

No matter where you organize your wedding, we will be happy to come to you. Preparation really doesn't take long, so we'll be at the event a maximum of an hour before and we'll bring everything we need. We will only need well-attuned wedding guests and a place with a solid base, i.e. any floor. We usually place our wedding photo booths in places that have an interesting and nice background. Various illuminated walls are suitable, between piles of wedding balloons or on a balcony with a view of the city. There are no limits to originality, and you can choose the best location yourself.

Wedding video booths for everyone

Thanks to its sophisticated design, the GALA360 photo booth is ready for everyone. It can be used by small children or even really big men. Three adult wedding guests can comfortably fit on the platform, which is occupied by a high-quality 360° camera. In the case of children, it is even more so. You dance, hug and that's it! Before you all jump down, the video is ready on your phone. It couldn't possibly be easier. If you want us to call you, write us your phone number and we will agree on everything together.

Try our modern wedding photo booths

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