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Bachelorette party - ideas for modern entertainment

Are you wondering how to turn your bachelorette party into the party of the year? Our 360° video booth GALA360 will help you with this - try a new level of entertainment.

If you are organizing a bachelor party, you will definitely appreciate interesting ideas for this unique evening full of fun, friends and the last bits of freedom. There are really many possibilities to enjoy this event to the fullest. Many of us know the classic form at home or with friends in the garden, when we grill something and open a bottle of champagne - a great choice.

If you want to take your farewell to a "higher level", you can rent a cottage, a cottage, a hotel or even a wine cellar in Moravia. The indisputable advantage is the saving of your time, when preparation and subsequent cleaning are eliminated. You can supplement the program with wellness or a sauna with a pool. What else could you wish for?

But all these possibilities have one thing in common - we want to take away as many experiences and memories as possible from this day. And at that moment, our 360° video booth GALA360 comes into the scene, which will take care of the memories with all the glamour. Whenever you watch the short funny videos that our video booth will create, the atmosphere of your great bachelorette party will come alive. Don't hesitate and book a video booth for the date of your farewell, so you don't miss anything.

Rozlučka se svobodou nápady | Gala360

Video booth in the center of attention

What makes our video booth so unique? First of all, this is not the usual form of a classic photo booth, where a bored photographer stands in front of the screen and encourages you to smile. Our GALA360 video is a revolutionary device that can create funny videos like never before. You will stand on a raised platform where the real fun will break out. You can dance with your friends to the rhythm of the music, kiss a friend or just strike an unusual pose. In the meantime, the camera circles you several times, thanks to which a fun video like you've never seen before is created. The camera we use is a high-quality, high-definition device, so no blurry videos are out of the question. Before you jump off the platform with excitement, the video is ready on your phone. We have combined the video booth with maximum fun, so try it too!

Try the video booth, which is guaranteed to surprise all guests!

Rozlučka se svobodou nápady | Gala360

Say goodbye to your freedom in style

No matter what place or day of the year you have chosen for your bachelorette party, we will come to you anywhere. We'll agree on a date together and we'll show up at your party no more than an hour in advance, because it doesn't take long to prepare our video booth. Did you follow some of our tips from the first paragraph? Great, we can come to your home, hotel or cottage. In advance, we will give you tips on what fun gadgets you can prepare for the celebration. Various funny masks, balloons or costumes will come in handy. This will make the resulting videos even more entertaining.

The video booth from GALA360 does not take up too much space, so it can be placed almost anywhere. In front of the dance floor or on the terrace with a view of the city? No problem, the decision is yours. You can also prepare something interesting in the background of the camera shot. Large photographs or illuminated walls and signs are offered. If you are interested in our original video booth, leave us your phone number in the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible and we will agree on everything together.

Video booth from GALA360 for everyone

Whether it is a party for the groom or the bride, the GALA360 video booth will entertain everyone. Thanks to its solid construction, it is suitable for both small bridesmaids and a group of groom's muscular friends. Just jump on and you can leave the rest to us. Don't worry, we will be at your disposal throughout your event. Our smiling assistant will explain everything to you, try out a few dances with you, and you'll get into action.

Whatever smartphone you have, the GALA360 system is ready for everything. Within seconds, the video will be saved on your phone and you can start sharing videos. You can post them on your IG story or on TikTok so everyone can see how you can celebrate. Believe us, there will be no shortage of smiles and hearts in the case of such a video.

Our video booth will provide real fun!

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